When Cullen O'Connell can't get the one night he had with Marissa Perez out of his mind, he travels cross-country to see her—only to discover she's pregnant with his child. He convinces her to marry him, but once they say "I do," reality sets in. While they have chemistry, they are strangers who need to fully commit to be a real family. CLAIMING HIS LOVE-CHILD (4.5G) by Sandra Marton is a truly remarkable love story. Though she begins with a common premise, Marton crafts a compelling tale filled with emotional highs and lows for her protagonists. The constant of the romance novel genre is the obligatory happy ending, but in a carefully executed and refreshing twist, this keeper really offers some suspense as to whether Marisa and Cullen can work things out and overcome the many roadblocks standing in their path to true love.
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short