In typical Ross fashion, Clandestine is a novel that brilliantly merges suspense, passion and a cast of characters one really cares about. It marks Ross as
a remarkable storyteller and a writer whose talents have taken her to the top of the genre.

Sara Callaway desperately needs Guy Devoran's help in finding her missing cousin, Rachel. Sara believes Rachel has been abducted by a thwarted admirer. Rachel wrote to Sara of Guy's kindness the day she spent as his companion. A man in his position has the power and the influence to rescue Rachel.

Though suspicious as to why Sara chose him, Guy is fascinated with the young widow. Everything about her; her intelligence, her courage and even her freckles compel him to help her. However, neither is telling the complete truth and until all their dark secrets are revealed they will follow leads from the ton's balls to smuggler lairs searching for clues and discovering a passion that cannot be repudiated even when fate attempts to tear them apart. (Berkley sensation, Nov., 400 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin