Image of Clarity (Clarity Novel)


Image of Clarity (Clarity Novel)

Fans of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys will love this. It’s a great mystery that will keep up you at night, guessing till the very end. Filled with romance and mystery and twists and turns, this book is a thrill ride.

Clarity lives in Cape Cod, and while the tourists love her and her psychic family, the townies hate them. But when a teenage girl is found murdered, the town turns to the psychics for help. As Clarity’s own brother becomes a prime suspect, she teams up with the hot new bad boy and her ex to catch the real killer. Will Clair’s heart get in the way of the case? Could the people who she loves the most be the people betraying her? (POINT, Mar., 256 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780545230506, HC, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Meera Patel