Image of Classified (Godmothers)


Image of Classified (Godmothers)

Grab some tissues as you read the latest installment of the outstanding Godmothers series, which contains an abundance of poignancy, wit, charm and laugh-out-loud moments. The wonderful characters don’t back down from any challenge — including challenges of the heart. Reading Michaels is always a rewarding experience, and her protagonists prove that though the elderly may be up there in age, their spirits are forever young and the wisdom they have to offer is timeless.

Abby and Chris have been happily married for a year now and everything appears to be golden, but when Abby keeps getting sick, she fears the worst and wild rumors begin to fly. Abby’s mom, Teresa “Toots” Loudenberry, has her own problems with her friend Dr. Phil Becker — he wants more than friendship, but she’s been keeping a secret and is afraid once he finds out he will turn his back on her. To keep her mind off these romantic troubles, Toots decides to throw herself into Abby and Chris’s pet project, opening a safe haven for rescue animals on their property. Meanwhile, when two children are kidnapped, the Godmothers are on it faster than a fly on flypaper. Sophie and her psychic powers are put to the test and she proves to the naysayers that her gifts are the real deal. (KENSINGTON, Oct., 272 pp., $15.00)
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Patsy Glans