Janna Kerr will do anything to save the life of her eight-year-old. Having tried every conventional treatment, she is now desperate enough to try the unconventional. She contacts an unscrupulous doctor, who charges exorbitant rates. Per his instructions, Janna takes her daughter to a swamp camp in the Louisiana bayou.

A visit by photographer Clay Benedict shakes up her world. As uncle to the little girl hes never met, he might be her best bet for her recovery. Finding a kidney transplant is their only hope, and Clay could be a direct match. In her desire to save her daughter, Janna drugs Clay and keeps him prisoner in her house.

The problem arises when he becomes more than a means to an end, and Janna finds herself caring for Clay. Likewise, Clay is drawn to both mother and child. Together, they all get wrapped up in the nasty acts of the doctor, and lines of right and wrong become blurred.

Once again Jennifer Blake has created characters that will steal your heart. She concludes her Southern Gentlemen series with an emotionally charged tale in which readers can relate to choices made, right or wrong.(Jul., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson