At the Kelso/McIvey Rehabilitation Center, you'll find a caring staff and one of the most brilliant physical therapists in Eugene, Oregon. Darren Halvord has magic in his healing hands and is an inspiration to all who meet him, especially Erica Castle, a former teacher who is volunteering at the center.

The only blemish on the center is Dr. David McIvey, the founder's son and a top-notch neurosurgeon. About to seize control of the place to turn it into a surgery clinic, David is found murdered on the grounds. Since he was a cruel man—especially to his young wife, Annie, whom he treated like a servant—the suspect list is extensive. While the police think Annie and Darren may have conspired to kill David, they have no evidence to link them to the crime. The hiring of criminal defense attorney Barbara Holloway spurs further investigation into the murder, leading her to myriad clues.

Barbara's investigative skills take center stage, as she eliminates suspects by carefully reenacting the crime. Wilhelm's intricate plot will keep readers guessing until the breathtaking conclusion of this classic whodunit. (Aug., 352 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick