Image of Cleopatra's Perfume (International Bestselling Author)


Image of Cleopatra's Perfume (International Bestselling Author)

This story has plenty going for it -- exotic locales, unique characters, humor and lots of deliciously hot sex. It's interesting and fun ... not a bad combination.

When a ruse involving illicit sex, an exit visa and a slightly perverse Nazi officer goes awry, American pilot Chuck Dawn and Lady Eve Marlowe are separated -- and Chuck wonders if he'll ever see the mysterious Englishwoman again. Reading her journal, which details her exploits sexual and otherwise, Chuck finds that he wants to. Even after learning her secrets, ones which could impact any hope of a future together, Chuck can't forget what he experienced in her arms -- and not just because Eve may actually wear Cleopatra's perfume. (SPICE, Apr., 416 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer