Gabe and Carly’s unwillingness to communicate is frustrating. The issues standing between the couple could have been resolved years ago with a simple conversation. However, even with this drawn out drama, the author is able to keep a light tone. Readers looking for a straightforward, contemporary tale about friends becoming lovers should enjoy this story.

Paramedic Gabe Brennan rushes to save a car accident victim and is surprised to find that he knows the pregnant woman who needs help. Carly is an old family friend, one that Gabe has been avoiding since he was almost unable to save her brother from a near-fatal overdose. However, Carly doesn’t hold any grudges, and is thankful to have Gabe there while she's rushed to the hospital and gives birth. Carly had assumed she would be alone in raising her child after her difficult divorce, but after reuniting with Gabe she is hoping that maybe they can become a family. But Gabe hesitates to act on his own desires since he is unsure if he can get over mistakes he made in the past. (SAMHAIN, October 2011, dl. $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne