This novella, set in an alternate Victorian society, will have readers intrigued for more stories from this world by Dee. Although the romance between Victoria and Dash seems rushed at times, the author does an excellent job of creating secondary characters and an intriguing mystery. Kudos to Dee for this inventive steampunk tale!

Human-like automatons have greatly changed Victorian society. Instead of simply replacing humans in dangerous job settings, the machines are being used by the upper class to replace all labor-intensive workers. The eccentric lady automaton inventor Victoria is on her way to petition for more regulations on the machines when she is kidnapped by political revolutionary Dash. Dash and his lower-class cohorts also want more careful control of the automatons. When Victoria joins forces with the revolutionaries, it seems like they may have a chance at getting their demands heard. However there is a murderer on the loose and Victoria is unwittingly in the crosshairs of this madman. Will she survive to see her world improved and where her feelings for Dash may lead? (Carina Press, December 2010, dl. $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard