Image of A Clockwork Christmas


Image of A Clockwork Christmas

This collection shows the many different types of historical steampunk fiction. From inside inventor’s laboratories to the insides of mechanically created humans, readers will be enveloped by the unique characters and situations of each of these tales. With a few gears, wires and metal, these writers are able to completely rewrite history.

The heroine from Stacy Gail’s “Crime Wave in a Corset” has stolen a priceless artifact, which the hero wants back. To ensure her cooperation, he straps a detonating timepiece onto her wrist. But soon the couple is more interested in getting to know each other rather than passing blame for past mistakes. When the hero in PG Forte’s “This Winter Heart” learned that his beloved wife was actually created in a laboratory, he exiled her from his life. But seven years later, she is back with their son in tow — a son who by all rights should not exist. “Wanted: One Scoundrel” by Jenny Schwartz features one American inventor looking for a little fun and one Australian activist that is looking to be heard. Is it possible that together both of their wishes can come true? Despite JK Coi’s story’s title “Far From Broken”, the heroine is very, very broken. She was disfigured by England’s traitors and has been pieced together with machinery. Callie not only has to get used to her new body, but she also has to find a way to forgive her husband for his inadvertent involvement in her injuries ... (CARINA PRESS, Dec., dl., $9.99)

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Dawn Crowne