Image of Clockwork Heart


Image of Clockwork Heart

Escape to the fantastic and captivating three-tiered city Pagliassotti has created. The plot is intricate and has multilayered characters who perplex, entertain and gratify. This a wonderfully written book -- one for the keeper shelf.

Taya Icarus, a messenger who can fly on metal wings, rescues an exalted and her son and is promptly catapulted into a world of intrigue and adventure. She meets the brothers Forlore, Alister and Cristof, both exalteds, one handsome and charming, the other a crow-like outcast.

Alister is a programmer for the Great Engine and a program called the Clockwork Heart, designed to match partners for life, while Cristof is a simple clockmaker. There's more to both brothers than initially seems, and Taya's new acquaintances will have her discovering conspirators and surprises before the tale concludes. (Juno, Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown