Image of Up Close And Dangerously Sexy


Image of Up Close And Dangerously Sexy
UP CLOSE AND DANGEROUSLY SEXY (2) by Karen Anders: When interior designer Allie Carpenter wants to surprise her twin sister by decorating her apartment, she's captured by Drew Miller, who thinks she's her twin. Allie soon learns she knows nothing about her sister's life. She's been a spy for the CIA and was in contact with an arms dealer when she disappeared. Allie is brought in to take her sister's place and complete the deal. Drew, who's developed instant lust for Allie and wants to protect her, objects but is overruled. Throw in members of the Yakuza, a senator's daughter and a lovelorn villain and you have one rather unlikely and confusing story. There are so many villains and so much plot that there's not enough room for a relationship between Allie and Drew to build.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor