Image of Up Close and Personal


Image of Up Close and Personal

Michaels' latest features a wicked heiress readers will love to hate and a heroine, spunky Trinity, they'll adore. The expert pacing and shocking revelations will keep those pages turning!

The Windsors have lived on their Crestwood, S.C., estate for generations. On the anniversary of her daughter Emily's death, Sarabess Windsor is forced to face the fact that unless she finds her other daughter, Trinity, she'll be the last in her family line.

Trinity, conceived merely to provide a bone-marrow donor for Emily, was raised by foster parents. Unaware of who her real parents are, she ran away from home when she was 15. The town hasn't forgotten her though, especially lawyer Jake Forrest, who goes along with Sarabess' plan to find her. Though Trinity swore she would never return, she's finding that some ties -- to a place, to people, to the past -- are almost impossible to break. (Kensington, Aug., 320 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Wethern