If you buy the idea that people still care deeply about what happened
to them while in high school 15 years ago, then this book is a good thriller. It doesn't offer anything new, but you will be wondering who done it until the very end. Unfortunately, the finale-epilogue, in an attempt to give absolutely everyone
a tidy and happy ending, warps many of the characters.

Jordan Sampson -- homicide detective and divorced mom of a teenage girl who hardly speaks to her, let alone consents to live with her -- has come a long way since her days as head cheerleader at her Kansas City high school. Reluctantly, Jordan agrees to go to her 15-year reunion, mostly to shore up a friend. The best part of the night is running into her high school sweetheart, now a coach at the school.

The reunion seems to have stirred up more than old memories, however, since a killer begins stalking the cheerleaders. Could one of her old schoolmates be a vicious killer? She had better find out soon, before she discovers the answer the hard way. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan