When NYC art teacher Carol Taggart takes her dog Max out for a walk one morning, two masked men fire on the dog and grab Carol. During the confusion, more shots are fired and Carol feels herself falling into oblivion.

Lieutenant Lee Grafton of the Special Ops/Anti-Crime Unit was listening in on a sting operation, when suddenly all hell broke loose. Racing around the corner returning fire, Lee saw one of the suspects fall to the ground. Lee is horrified to discover the suspect is in fact an innocent bystander, and visits her in the hospital against regulations. The department is fearful of the press reaction if its revealed that a young African-American woman has been shot by mistake by a white police officer.

Despite their differences, there is a chemistry between Carol and Lee. Carol is experiencing pressure to sue the city for damages, but she would just like to get control of her life again. Lee is an unexpected complication. They are meeting under the worst circumstances and common sense tells them to stay apartbut when does the heart listen to common sense?

Sandra Kitt is a master storyteller who takes challenging situations and builds beautiful, memorable and touching love stories. A keeper! (Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith