Bestselling British author Peter Robinson is in top form with another Inspector Banks tale. Banks is vacationing in Greece when word reaches him that the body of his old mate Graham, who disappeared in 1965, has been discovered near his childhood home. Driven by secret guilt, Banks returns early from his leave. Information that the teenaged Banks withheld in the original investigation has haunted him his entire life.

Back in his home patch of Yorkshire, DI Annie Cabbot is trying to revitalize her career when another 15-year-old boy turns up missing. But what looks to be the case of a runaway turns into a probable kidnapping, until discrepancies lead to a much more chilling possibility.

Seamless writing and deft plotting make CLOSE TO HOME an effortless read. The story is told through three alternating perspectives: Banks, Annie and new character DI Michelle Hart, as they track down suspects in the disappearances of both boys. A more focused narrative, detailing just one of the mysteries, might have been more satisfying, but that's like saying a chocolate mousse would be more satisfying than chocolate gelato. (Feb., 400 pp.,$24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kimberly Colley