Libby and Rafe's romance is more lukewarm than hot. But the intriguing mystery and Libby and Rafe's hair-raising encounters with the bad guy keep the story moving at a fast and enjoyable pace. Close Proximity is part of The Coltons miniseries and was originally published as a direct-mail-only title.

When attorney Libby Corbett's father is accused of illegally dumping dangerous chemicals, she takes up the fight to prove his innocence.

There is overwhelming evidence stacked against him and the media circling like vultures. But Libby's got her work cut out for her.She finds unexpected help from P.I. Rafe James, a man who knows firsthand of her father's goodness.

When Libby's search for answers places her in danger, Rafe vows to protect this woman who stirs his heart.

(Aug., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell