Image of Close Pursuit (Hqn)


Image of Close Pursuit (Hqn)

Dees blends action and intrigue in this character-driven romance with deft skill, keeping readers enthralled until the final secret is unveiled and the last chase winds down. Her fictional war zone is minutely detailed, and the dangers surrounding her characters feel dangerously real. Most impressive of all is in her deeply conflicted and enigmatic hero, whose background and personal scars combine to make him a mystery, even to himself. His development, and growing desire for the plucky heroine, keeps the heart of the story strong through every pulse-pounding plot twist.

When kindergarten teacher Katie McCloud agreed to travel with a medical relief team, she never anticipated the hardships of war, or her intense, deeply secretive partner, Alex Peters. A mathematical genius and combat expert, Alex has spent his life on the run, and when war breaks out around them, he takes Katie with him. As the danger mounts, Katie finds inner strength she never imagined — and a growing connection to Alex she can’t ignore. Even on U.S. soil, Alex and Katie have no choice but to trust each other, completely and totally, in order to survive. (HQN, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown