Monroe explores the conflict between the hero and heroine versus the duty to follow orders and trusting one’s own judgment, in her mildly suspenseful story, which has a heartwarming secondary romance. Coverage of some of the grim realities faced by many in Africa is lightened by happy endings for two couples and two displaced children. However, the interesting plot idea doesn’t live up to expectations in either the suspense or the chemistry between the two lead characters.

Tanya, a medical-aid worker in Zimbabwe, has been tied to a leak of sensitive military information. Wanting to act quickly and decisively to plug the leak, the government sends in a black ops team with a kill order. Team leader Roman Chernichenko isn’t about to follow orders when he has doubts about the reliability of the information. Not to mention that he’s been strongly attracted to Tanya ever since he met her at the wedding of her brother and his sister. Soon they are on the run from both sides — until Roman can get the kill order rescinded. (BRAVA, Sep., 288 pp., $14.00)
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