Quinn's latest is well plotted, and the characters are beautifully depicted -- particularly heroine Hannah, who's
at once gutsy and vulnerable. Quite
harrowing in spots, the story contains
a surprise or two along the way.

Judge Hannah Montgomery is hearing evidence in the murder trial of Kenny Hill, a member of the white supremacist group Ivory Nation, when strange things begin to happen in her life. Are they simple random acts of cruelty and vandalism, or are they connected to the case?

Adding to her stress, Hannah's good friend Dr. Brian Hampton is under police investigation. Several babies that were in Brian's care are dead -- including Hannah's adopted son. Until now, all were believed to be victims of sudden infant death syndrome. Circumstantial evidence points to Brian's guilt -- and a possible association with Ivory Nation. Hannah's always been able to count on Brian for stability and support, and as their friendship becomes more, she wants to believe in his innocence. But can she? (MIRA, Dec., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer