Twenty-three years ago, a family was ripped apart by death. Caitlin Prescott was only a baby when her parents died and she was separated from her sib-lings. Years later, she is called Kate Montgomery and working to make a name for herself as a TV reporter.

Kate's newest job is working the political beat in Austin, but shortly after her arrival, someone tries running her over. It appears that Kate has picked up a stalker, so the station arranges for security expert Teague Ramos to play bodyguard.

For more than two decades, Kate's sister Hope has attempted to reunite her family and uncover the truth about her parents' death. So far Hope, Pepper and Gabriel have reunited, and they still hope to someday find "Caitlin."

In the meantime, they're closing in on the man they suspect of destroying their family. Meanwhile, Kate learns she has become the obsession of a ruthless killer.

This romantic thriller certainly ends with a bang! Closing out her powerful trilogy, Dodd pulls no punches and delivers plenty of romance, danger and thrills. (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith