Paris Devereaux has yearned to be with Titus Argonne for years. When the two find themselves involved in a mutual acquaintance's wedding, they connect in a major way. Unfortunately, for Paris, Titus isn't looking for a commitment. What starts out promisingly fades until Paris finds herself the victim of a psychotic maniac who wants to kill her. Titus steps in to protect her and their close quarters make him reconsider his staunch views on marriage and children. Being so close to Paris and watching her interaction with other men is just the encouragement he needs to secure their bond. But is she willing to put her heart on the line again for him?

Character names are awkward rather than unique and detract from story events. The overuse of the word "big" to describe the hero and heroine causes exasperation rather than serving as a descriptive term. Schuster constantly blindsides readers with rough transitions between scenes and ill-placed dialogue. Poor timing affects the revelation of details, or lack thereof, and the subplot. The Closer I Get To You doesn't warm up until the end, and requires some patience to truly savor its finer qualities. (Apr., 280 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton