Following a painful betrayal and false accusations, Alyssa Rossi fled New Orleans for the comfort of Florence, Italy. Now a costume jewelry designer, Alyssa has been sought after by TriTech to buy out her company. The influx of capital would help move her designs to the next level, but she would be required to return to New Orleans.

When TriTech CEO Jake Williams returns from Patagonia, he is surprised to learn that his company has purchased Rossi Designs. Sensing something strange, Jake uncovers that the purchase was pushed by Clay Duvall. Clay and Alyssas past is common knowledge since Clay is married to Alyssas cousin Phoebe. When Jake finds that Alyssa has no idea that Clay is connected to TriTech, his radar goes on full alert. Of course, being highly attracted to the beautiful Alyssa only complicates matters. Everyone has their own agenda. Finding out the players and their motives will keep Jake and Alyssa very busy.

Delivering boatloads of excitement, thrills and terrific romance is nothing new for the tremendously talented Meryl Sawyer. This is an author who always hits the mark! (Nov., 415 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith