Image of The Closer You Get


Image of The Closer You Get
THE CLOSER YOU GET (4) by Kristi Gold: When Cammie Carson takes over as driver of country star Brett Taylor’s tour bus, she’s convinced she’ll be able to do her job without falling victim to the country star’s legendary charisma. But when one of the band members gets sick and Cammie takes over as a backup singer, Brett is determined to never let his sexy driver go. Unfortunately, his own past with an ex who walked out on him and took their young daughter leaves him unable to trust until it’s almost too late. In this heartwarming, lively story about the human ability to get over past hurts and love again, Gold does an excellent job of portraying her characters’ emotions, and her depiction of the life of an on-the-road country singer is spot-on.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay