Amateur sleuth Haley Randolph is having a run of really bad luck, but the wild roller-coaster ride of events is good news for fans of the feisty purse-aholic salesgirl. An unfortunate run-in with an old woman launches a series of personal disasters for Haley but a laugh-out-loud wild ride for readers who hang on for the unexpected resolution.

When a customer puts a curse on her, sales clerk Haley Randolph watches her bad luck spiral almost out of control, from a fender-bender to a breakup with her boyfriend, Ty. When Haley heads to Las Vegas to help open a new company store, she promptly trips over the body of Courtney Collins, who was launching a new line of designer handbags. Suddenly, she’s the prime suspect, since everybody knows she was jealous of Courtney when they were in school. Now, since prison stripes aren’t haute couture, Haley’s got to find the real murderer, as well as try to break her string of bad luck along the way. (KENSINGTON, Jun., 304 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper