United in their grief over losing Special Forces member Cooper Scott, Captain Joe Greco and photojournalist Brigid Wheeler have cemented their deep friendship over the last two years. Now that Brigid is ready to start living again, she wants Joe to be the man in her life.

For his part, Joe has always desired and cared for Brigid, but he keeps stumbling over his feelings of betraying Cooper. When Joe is notified about a new mission in the South American country of Cartina, he jumps at it because of its potential to finally answer questions about the terrorist group that killed Cooper. After a two-year hiatus from the action, Brigid too decides to journey to Cartina.

They don't expect to discover that Cooper is alive and working deep undercover. Now, with a vital mission hanging in the balance, Brigid and Joe are going to have to discover what truly lies in their hearts.

Friendship, love and possible betrayal form the basis of this tale of three friends and their shifting relationships. The action is gripping and the drama intense. Mann proves that her military thrillers are top notch. (Aug., 426 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith