Escaping from the French-held island of Mauritus, English naval officer Gideon Landor believes he's free of the treacherous Delphine Dalgleish, who turned him over to the French Legion. Delphine believes Gideon is a despicable double agent, passing secrets from the French to the British.

When the emperor sends Delphine to London to gather information, she collides with Gideon, who is hunting for the secret code used by Bonaparte. Thrust together in ballrooms and country parties, Delphine and Gideon cannot ignore their overwhelming sexual attraction. Caught searching for information they have only one recourse: become "engaged" and save their missions.

Loyalty battles with love as Delphine and Gideon are led to the Peninsula campaign, where their love and their allegiance will be threatened.

Sawyer builds her plot slowly, with tightly woven scenes and the high tension of political intrigue. Once you're caught in the tangled web of this delicious, multitextured romance, you'll find it impossible to put down. SENSUAL (May, 365 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin