Image of Code Name: Bikini (Featuring Navy Seals)


Image of Code Name: Bikini (Featuring Navy Seals)

When it comes to sexy suspense and high-tech adventure, the Code Name series delivers big time. This new tale even adds an intriguing element of the ghostly supernatural, which elevates the tension. For fans of Skye's terrific Code Name series, many familiar faces make brief appearances in this latest chapter, which is excellent as always.

Despite being clinically dead after his last mission, technologically enhanced Foxfire operative Trace O'Halloran is annoyed to be assigned to relax on a cruise ship. The one bright spot is discovering that sexy pastry chef Gina Ryan is working on board. For Gina the cruise is starting off on a bad note, as a jealous shipmate tries to sabotage her and her team.

What starts out as sabotage turns to murder, and Trace suddenly realizes that this is more than professional jealousy. If he's right, then presumed-dead former rogue Foxfire agent Enrique Cruz is very much alive. Now the clock is ticking, and an entire shipload of people are at risk as Trace, Gina and the unflappable Izzy Teague scramble to neutralize this highly dangerous foe. (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith