Events rapidly deteriorate while photographer Miki Fortune is on an island shooting a calendar. She gets stuck on a rickety plane in a wicked storm and is lucky to survive as the plane careens into the sea, just offshore of another island. But her "savior" doesn't seem to have the friendliest intentions.

Foxfire team member Max Preston and his canine assistant, Truman, have been sent to the island to track down Cruz, a governmentally enhanced former team member who's gone dangerously psychotic. Max's own enhancements have given him an extraordinary sense of touch that allows him to process biochemical markers. Miki plays havoc with his senses, but is it because she attracts him, or because she's tied up with Cruz? With a hurricane approaching, time is running out. Is trusting Miki a mistake?

The adventures of Team Foxfire are getting more complicated, which makes their exploits all the more enticing in this newest Code Name book. Crisp dialogue and a fast-paced plot help ratchet up the intensity of this rousing tale. You'll love romantic thrills and adventure from the expert. (May, 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith