Derek Lange is a major in the Marines and a military intelligence officer. The mission he's being sent on is certain to be difficult: He's to extract former lover and supermodel Raven Hathaway from a sheik's palace. When she returns, she'll be charged with treason. To Derek's surprise, Raven is much more than a supermodel—she's also a CIA agent.

Raven has a planned extraction to make herself in less than two days. Then Derek's appearance blows her cover, and the two are forced to run deep into the Arabian Desert to escape the sheik's goons. Raven is as high maintenance as they come, and spending several days without her amenities—and thrust into immense danger—raises her ire more than once.

Action, suspense, drama and passion all play exciting roles in this engrossing read. There's also quite a bit of humor, especially in the byplay between Derek and Raven. (Apr., 266 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor