Image of Code of the Wolf


Image of Code of the Wolf

As she delves deeper into the mythology surrounding werewolves, Krinard has perfected her vision of the creatures. Her latest is a powerhouse with all the grit and harshness of a traditional western with the added tension of beasts on the rampage. This novel works on many levels: romantic and feminist, paranormal and western. Krinard is sure to garner new fans with this emotional and sensual tale.

Serenity Campbell has survived captivity to become a strong woman who runs a ranch along with other women who want nothing to do with men. Jacob Constantine is an ex-Texas ranger and bounty hunter out to avenge his wife’s death. But Jacob is something more: he is a werewolf. He’s almost dead when Serenity finds him and against her better judgment brings him to Avalon. Though Jacob hides his nature well, one of Serenity’s women recognizes what he is and the danger he poses, but since they are both hunting the same renegades, Serenity needs his help. As the worlds of mortals and werewolves collide, Jacob and Serenity are drawn into an age-old war. They will face treachery, hatred and grave danger, yet the bonds of trust and love they form are unbreakable. (HQN, Aug., 380 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin