Romantic, suspenseful and well written — this is a story you won’t want to put down. The plot moves at just the right pace, and the characters leap off the page. Sorensen takes a story we’ve all seen before and transforms it into something moving and original, with an ending that will leave you begging for the sequel. Note that this novel does contain explicit sex and other mature themes.

Callie is the school outcast, weighed down by her past and a family that doesn’t understand her. She leaps at the chance to ditch her judgmental small town and head to college early. Days before she is to leave she steps up to save a life and then flees the scene. The summer flies by and Callie starts to heal, but as fall arrives, her past comes back to haunt her. Star football player Kayden has always hidden his messy home life behind his emotionless mask. When a petite girl saves him from a beating he’s shocked. He’s even more surprised to run into her on campus in the fall. The two form a tentative friendship, but their underlying heat and heavy secrets hint at more. Is Kayden brave enough to tell Callie everything? (FOREVER, Aug., 400 pp., $12.00, ISBN: 9781455576500, PB, 18 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller