Image of Colby Control


Image of Colby Control
COLBY CONTROL (4) by Debra Webb: Now that the Colby Agency has joined forces with the Equalizers, a new world order is at hand. Colby agent Ted Tallant doesn’t like loose cannon Nora Friedman, and he doesn’t want to work with her on a case involving his boss’s long-lost cousin. Something about Nora makes him nuts, but it can’t be attraction, can it? Nora doesn’t like the new rules, but she loves her job so she’s willing to work with Ted. As they team up to find out if a philandering doctor is planning his wife’s demise, they’re also going to have to deal with the baggage Nora left behind on an undercover assignment. Webb’s latest installment is another death-defying visit with a group of old friends, and it doesn’t disappoint.
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Pat Cooper