An attractive lingerie designer finds herself still paying for a crime she didn't commit when she runs into her dead cousin's husband -her first and only love. Is there any chance she will ever become COLBY'S WIFE (4)? Grace Green creates a moving tale of love and sacrifice with great characterization, an engaging premise and a spirited conflict. (BOOK CLUB ONLY)

When a handsome tycoon inherits a manor house, he sees it as an opportunity to win back the girl he loved and let go ten years before. Will the lovely historian understand his decision and let him back into her heart? ONE BRIDE REQUIRED! (3) by Emma Richmond is an enjoyable tale with a delightful premise and refreshing characters.

Hearing her biological clock ticking, a lovely public relations expert agrees to THE HUSBAND PROJECT (3) with a handsome doctor who needs a wife. The more time they spend together, the more they want to make their marriage real. Leigh Michaels gives readers a fresh twist to a favorite plot with lively characters and innovative scenes.

Determined to kick his smoking habit, a man contacts his estranged wife to enter therapy with him and gets the surprise of his life when she shows up pregnant in BABY IN A MILLION (2) by Rebecca Winters. Is a reconciliation possible? Ms. Winters offers a touching romance with a unique approach.

A lawyer's life is turned upside down when he is forced to cancel his vacation and run his sister's nursery school in ALMOST A FATHER (1). He begins to see the positive side of his new job only when he meets the single mother of one of his young charges. Pamela Bauer and Judy Kaye begin with a witty premise that fizzles out because of a weak conflict and shallow characters.

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short