London's latest read will remind readers of the TV show Alias. This is a spy-driven suspense that will grab readers right from the start and hold their interest until the very last page.

Violet is dead, killed while undercover in war-torn Bosnia. Simon has brought home everyone else on his team, but the loss of Violet haunts him and he can't let go of the past. She was much more than an operative to him, but he couldn't admit this to himself until it was too late.

A year later, a writer comes to his attention. Her stories seem to be taken from life--Violet's life, that is. How can these top-secret missions be finding the light of day through the descriptive pen of Claire de Beaupre? When Simon digs a little deeper, he finds that Violet is alive and well--and someone wants her dead. Will Simon be able to save the woman he loves, or is Claire just a woman who looks like Violet?

Violet and Simon are larger than life characters. London has created a wonderfully sentimental story that's not only gripping, it's also romantic. This is an amazing addition to the romantic suspense genre. (Nov., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers