Life just keeps getting more complicated (read: dangerous) for werewolf Jessica McClain. Picking up after the life-changing events of Hot Blooded, Carlson doesn’t give her heroine or readers a chance to breathe as Cold Blooded starts off with a literal bang. Besides delivering terrific action sequences, Carlson is doing an exceptional job of exploring and unveiling the hidden depths of her characters.

Jessica has only recently returned from her deadly confrontation with lunar goddess Selene when she comes under attack from sorcerers and demons. Adding to the “fun,” Jessica’s best friend (and witch) Marcy has been kidnapped and Marcy’s powerful Aunt Tally holds Jessica responsible. Jessica will do whatever is necessary to rescue Marcy, but since they’re currently in peril, that won’t be easy. Jessica, Rourke and her friends are forced to head to New Orleans and request assistance from the Vampire Queen. A war may be in the offing and, for all her burgeoning powers, Jessica must choose her allies carefully. (ORBIT, Oct., 400 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith