The latest in Wilhelm's Holloway series has a big cast of colorful characters, an absorbing plot and the occasional flash of wicked humor. Fascinating and fun.

Twenty-two years ago, author David Etheridge and Senator Robert McCrutchen were suspects in the murder of fellow student Jill Storey, and the case was never solved. The two men don't meet again until Etheridge returns to Oregon for a lecture series, and a quirk of fate finds him staying with McCrutchen and his wife, Chloe.

Then McCrutchen is killed, and proximity added to history makes Etheridge the prime suspect. That's when he engages attorney Barbara Holloway -- because the police are planning to charge him with both murders. Barbara and her associates attempt to piece together the few facts, but it's a race against the clock -- and against a clever criminal who's all too willing to let Etheridge take the fall. (MIRA, Aug., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer