Image of Cold Case, Hot Bodies


Image of Cold Case, Hot Bodies
In New York's notorious Five Points neighborhood in 1890, Gem O'Shea is murdered with her married lover in a brothel. In the present, different groups are fighting over the property. The property has been in police officer Dario Donato's family, and his father needs to sell. But Cassidy Case, Gem's descendant, may really own the property. Cassidy is searching for the gems her ancestor hid in the house, and when Dario finds out, he agrees to help her if she'll be his love slave for a week. Hurting from a bad marriage, Cassidy is going to protect her interests no matter how she feels about Dario. Cold Case, Hot Bodies (3), by Jule McBride, is a fun read. There's almost too much plot and too many complications, but the sex is very hot and the characters attractive.
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Page Traynor