Image of Cold Case Murder (Without A Trace #3)


Image of Cold Case Murder (Without A Trace #3)

COLD CASE MURDER (4) by Shirlee McCoy: When Jodie Gilmore left Loomis, La., she vowed she'd never return. But six months as an FBI agent and Jodie has ended up a liaison between the agency, the local police department and the townspeople. The discovery of two skeletons brings forensic anthropologist Harrison Cahill into the search for missing Leah Farley and the hunt for a murderer, while the surprising revelation of who the skeletons belong to brings Jodie and Cahill together and puts Jodie's life in danger. The mystery continues in the third installment in the Without a Trace series, and an excellent new one is introduced and solved, with the continuing reappearance of former characters.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley