The cops of the Miami's Cold Case Squad—Burch, Nazario and Stone—and their boss, Lt. K.C. Riley, have learned how all-consuming their job can become.

April Terrell comes to them claiming to have seen her ex-husband, who was supposedly killed in an accidental fire 12 years ago. Stone, meanwhile, wants to concentrate on a series of unsolved serial murders going back 20 years. He sees a pattern and thinks the killer will strike again soon.

Buchanan has a hit on her hands. The author of 14 novels set in Miami and a Pulitzer Prize-winning Miami Herald reporter, she probably knows more about the Miami PD than the cops do. The ones here are dedicated officers with lots of baggage. K.C. mourns the death of the man she loved, Burch is estranged from his family and Stone is reeling from the unsolved murder of his parents. (Perhaps they'll revisit the murders in a future book.)

The characters in this ensemble cast work well together. Of course, Florida and the city of Miami are the stars, but we see the seamy side as well as the glitz and the glamour. (Jun., 304 pp., $22.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly