Image of Cold City (Repairman Jack)


Image of Cold City (Repairman Jack)

If fans want to know how Repairman Jack became the champion of the victimized, they’ve got to pick up Cold City. It’s a one-night read that will keep the lights burning. Gritty, harsh and often funny, it takes readers back to Jack’s early days, tosses him in with colorful characters and lets readers see his basic decency even as he breaks the law.

Jack’s only been in New York a few months when a sucker punch from a co-worker on his landscaping job unleashes his dark rage. By the time he pulls himself together, he gathers some unlikely compatriots, including a sports shop owner and his buddy who runs illegal cigarettes; witnesses the shooting of a rabid rabbi; starts an affair with a girl from his hometown; disrupts a plan to smuggle preteen sex slaves into the country; runs afoul of some angry Arabs; and tries to help out the owner of a local bar who has been victimized by the mob. (TOR, Nov., 368 pp., $25.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper