Image of A Cold Day In Hell (Bayou Books)


Image of A Cold Day In Hell (Bayou Books)

All of Cameron's characters are quirky and interesting, and the villain is concealed well until the last possible second. But the plot's overly convoluted --
at times, it's downright confusing.
And the scenes involving the "root
doctor" Chuzah, while amusing, are just plain bizarre.

When Eileen Moggeridge learns that her teenage son, Aaron, has been hurt, perhaps shot, on the bayou near Point Judah, she rushes to his side with Christian "Angel" DeAngelo in tow. It's far more likely that Aaron's friend, Angel's nephew Sonny, was the target of a shooter; Angel's ex-CIA and ATF, and Sonny is a protected witness.

But soon Eileen's even wondering about that. Her ex-husband, Chuck, is back in town and behaving erratically. Chuck wants to reconcile with her and have a closer relationship with Aaron, both of which are unappealing to Eileen. Chuck was an abuser, and Eileen's happily engaging in a mating dance with Angel. Not that there's much time for thinking about that, as even more odd incidents occur. (MIRA, Nov., 416 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer