Readers will be swept away by the mad, bad hero Risto Smith. He is an intense character who puts as much attention into protecting Callie Meyers as he does making love to her. Even though running from drug traffickers doesn’t leave the couple a whole lot of time for romance, with two completely compatible characters who are hungry for each other, who needs a bed? Although the story will stretch readers’ disbelief with Risto and Callie’s near perfection as well as the amount of trouble they seem to attract, the hot sex and fast paced action will make readers very glad they picked up this book.

Famous supermodel Calista Meyers has had bad experiences with stalkers before, but nothing prepared her for dealing with the South American terrorist leader who fixates on her when she comes to Colombia for a photo shoot. Knowing that she is in big trouble, Callie calls up her best friend, Keely, who sends Security Specialist International operative and former Marine Risto Smith to get her out of the country. Risto is trained to extricate hostages from dangerous situations, but what he feels for Callie is more than a sense of duty. She is not just the delicate creature in magazines, but also a tomboy who can adapt to the situation with little muss or fuss. Callie is an irresistible package, but Risto has sworn that once he gets her to safety she will be off limits to him. But what if Callie refuses to let Risto go? (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, Feb., dl. $6.10)

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne