Although the Girard family still owns a good deal of property in the small town of Toussaint, Louisiana, the family moved away years ago. It is with some reluctance—and bad memories—that Marc Girard returns to Toussaint and the old family home, Clouds End. After reading of the accidental" death of a singer named Bonnie Blue, Marc feels compelled to see if his worst fears are true.

His older, estranged sister Amy dropped out of sight several months ago, and Marc fears Bonnie Blue may be Amy, who has a checkered past that includes drug addiction and an affair with a married man.

Dr. Reb O'Brien, the local medical examiner, has ties with Marc from college, and they share a history, some of which is painful. When Marc arrives back in town, a disconcerted Reb corroborates his fears. Was Bonnie's death really an accident? Last year the town was terrified by the so-called "rubber killer." The police think they have the suspect in custody, but is the killer still on the loose?

Perennial favorite Cameron makes a much-welcome return to romantic suspense with COLD DAY IN JULY. The sounds, smells and feel of this small town come vividly alive, making the sense of danger and passion all the more riveting. A former RT top pick. (Nov., 326 pp., $6.99) Hardcover published September 2002.

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith