After his partner is killed by a madman, veteran Detroit cop Alex McKnight moves to Paradise, a small town in northern Michigan. Alex ekes out a living as an investigator for the local hotshot lawyer but life in Paradise is dull until some bookies are murdered. Alex is asked to look after Edwin Fulton a wealthy playboy who had dealings with the dead bookies.

Then Alex receives threatening notes from Rose, the madman who killed his partner. This makes no sense. Rose is safely in prison but whoever is writing those notes, has too much information to be anyone but Rose. This is the start of a nightmare that Alex may never awake from.

Winner of the Edgar for best first novel, A COLD DAY IN PARADISE is a tip-top example of the American PI novel. Alex McKnight is a phenomenal creationtough, brooding and sensitiveand Hamilton creates a tension-ridden plot that packs its fair share of surprises. (On-sale Feb., 304 pp., $5.99—Hardcover published September 1998)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg