Awe-inspiring storyteller Butcher continues to take both Harry and readers on one genuinely amazing journey. Harry Dresden’s choices, while made for the best reasons, never go as planned. But you can always count on his wise-ass comments to make the experience hilarious — even in the midst of flat-out terror.

Harry Dresden is back — sort of. Forced to become the Winter Knight for Queen Mab, Harry attempts to regain the strength his body lost while he was dead. Meanwhile, Mab’s word is now Harry’s command, and her first order is for the assassination of an immortal. Of course Harry is not simply going to take Mab’s order at face value. And he certainly won’t let go of his free will without a fight. But that problem pales in comparison to the magical conflagration that is building — one that could destroy Chicago and everything Harry holds dear. (ROC, Dec., 528 pp. $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith