The fifth book in the Tango Key
mystery series offers plenty of
paranormal elements, including
psychic visions, mermaids and ghosts,
to help a fairly standard suspense
plot rise above the crowd. Psychic
Mira Morales is an admirable heroine and, despite a cookie-cutter villain
with vaguely defined motives and
the overabundance of coincidences,
her pluck and fortitude keep the
mystery engaging.

Mira Morales is trying to rebuild her life after Hurricane Danielle left her bookstore and home in need of repair and her love life in equal shambles. When she has a horrible vision of a fire at a nearby home, she follows it and finds a dead woman and a missing boy. The boy is the son of superstar actress Suki Nichols, and Mira becomes the prime suspect when Suki's producer husband finds her near the housekeeper's body.

Mira's ex-boyfriend Sheppard hears about the crime and comes to her defense. Together they race to piece together the clues behind the boy's disappearance. (PINNACLE, Oct., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino