Doug and Emily Baker and their daughter Paige are spending a family vacation at Glacier National Park. During an argument, Emily storms off and Doug relieves stress by chopping wood. No one watches Paige, and when her beagle Kobee chases a chipmunk, Paige goes off after him, becoming lost in the process.

Panic stricken, Doug and Emily seek help from park rangers. Because it is a national park, the FBI is also called in. A background check of Doug and Emily reveal some strange things, including accusations of violence by Doug and reports of the mysterious death of a child.

As precious days go by, all become convinced that either Doug or Emily knows what happened to Paige. What no one realizes is that the key to discovering her whereabouts lies with a man from Emilys past who is hours away from execution for homicide.

Told from various viewpoints, COLD FEAR bursts with suspense. The action is so intense, the writing so realistic, its as if we are there during the search. This is a book to cause icy shivers during hot July. (Jul., 480 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg