Image of Cold Hearted


Image of Cold Hearted

Highly talented Barton walks a delicate tightrope, keeping readers guessing about the identity of a frightening serial killer. What makes this romantic suspense tale unusual is the hero's persistent suspicion that the woman he is falling for may be a cold-blooded killer. Delivering eerie suspense laced with terror is what Barton does best!

Although it initially appears that Senator Dan Price committed suicide, his brother insists on hiring the Powell Agency to investigate. Upon his arrival, Rick Carson immediately suspects that young widow Jordan Price is a likely suspect. Everyone in Jordan's tightly knit group insists that is impossible, but Rick remains unconvinced, especially when he learns of the other deaths that surround Jordan's past. Despite his distrust, Rick falls under Jordan's spell. Then he becomes Jordan's alibi for the murder of the senator's first wife, who was obviously blackmailing Jordan. Many secrets are hidden in this house, some of which may lead to murder. But is Jordan a black widow or a victim herself? (ZEBRA, Sep., 403 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith