Image of Cold Moon Rising (Tales of the Sazi)


Image of Cold Moon Rising (Tales of the Sazi)

Everyone's favorite assassin/werewolf Tony Giodone is back in the thrilling penultimate episode of the brilliant Sazi series. Not only do we see the world though his unique perspective, we occasionally see it through the eyes of the deadly cobra everyone loves to hate, Ahmad al-Narmer. A signature element of Adams and Clamp books is the fast-paced action balanced with intricate plotting and in-depth characterization. They're an unbeatable team!

With his seer powers still developing, Tony and his mate Sue are learning to juggle their lives and responsibilities while working for the Sazi law-enforcement branch Wolven. On a hostage-rescue mission, Tony has a weird out-of-body experience that enables him to see through council member Ahmad's eyes.

During the mission Ahmad faces a woman he thought long dead and realizes that she may have key information about a ghastly unfolding plot. Realizing that Tony's new ability could be a powerful tool, Ahmad goes undercover in hope of learning the truth. What they learn terrifies everyone. This plot could end civilization.

(TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith